Things to see in Quito to make the most of your visit

"Things to see in Quito to make the most of your time’'
- Blog by DAVID CADENA - Impulso Viajero


As you will know at the end of November, I will launch one of my dreams of traveling the American continent.


The beginning of my trip begins in the country of the 4 regions, Ecuador a wonderful country where I also have family.


This will be one of both posts that write about this exotic and diverse continent with which I have many things in common. If you want to accompany me in this adventure, I invite you to subscribe to my blog and my social networks.


But now let's start to discover Quito and find out about the things to see in Quito.

1 1 Things to see in Quito, Virgen del Panecillo.

1.0.1 Traveler Tip.

2 2 Things to see in Quito, Plaza Foch

2.0.1 Traveler Tip

3 3 Things to see in Quito, Mercado de San Roque

3.1 "The Hornado"

3.2 Fruits you have never tried

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4 4 Things to see in Quito, Eat an executive lunch

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5 Free Guide

6 5 Things to see in Quito, Church of the Company of Jesus and the Basilica of Quito.

6.1 Church the Society of Jesus

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7 6 Things to see in Quito, the big square and the Carondelet Palace

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8 7 Things to see in Quito, Parque de la Carolina.

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My time in this city is unforgettable. It was the city where I spent my childhood, but this time after 30 years I saw it with different eyes.


Eyes of memories for the lived, memories of moments of innocence and with the eyes of joy to return to a place that I also consider my home.


That's why I did not mind extending myself in this article to show you what is for me the most characteristic of this city. I invite you to discover things to see in Quito in 7 points.


In addition to the places that I recommend you visit I leave you in each of them tips travelers. They will be very useful when you are here, so I hope you put them into practice.


So get comfortable and discover, things to see in Quito in this post so practical.

1) Things to see in Quito, Virgen del Panecillo.

First I would like to give you some small information about the place.

It is the most visited in Ecuador and the symbol of its capital Quito. It is located on a mountain about 3000 meters above sea level and is considered the heart of the city.


These two characteristics allow photography lovers to have a panoramic view of the entire city, both north and south.


For me it is one of the best spots to contemplate the city and take wonderful photos of the colonial part of the city. The basilica of Quito as an emblem of this most historic part of Quito.


Therefore it is something that you have to see in Quito, now I will tell you how you can do it:

If you are staying in the center, in one of the hostel for backpackers that are around the Plaza Foch. (Internal link) It is best to take the transport get off at the Marin thanks to the Eco via for about 25 cents.


Conversely; If you stay in one of the hostels or hostels in the old part, (On Jose J. Olmedo Street you can find "Colonial House Quito" for $ 10 a night.) You can walk to the big square.


Once in the colonial part you can go and visit the cobbled streets, its squares, its churches. Know a little more first hand the life of this city and this part so historic. Which is considered the heritage of humanity.

If you want you can go up to the viewpoint of the Virgen de El Panecillo. Enjoy unbeatable views of the city, since the hill divides the city between north and south. To the north you have the historic center of Quito, where you can recognise its churches, between the center and the south.

Traveler tip.

There is a path to climb the Panecillo, more or less, you have to climb about 300 meters of altitude to reach the top. It is the least advisable route, everyone says it is dangerous to walk up and that they can steal you.


I recommend you do like me and take a taxi for 2 dollars or bus for about 25 cents. Simply ask about the area as you get on a public transport (much safer than walk up) anyone will help you with directions.


The Ecuadorians are very attentive, helpful and always willing to help the tourist.


Data to be taken into account on Sundays, close one of the main streets to turn it into a cycle path for cyclists and leisure families. This makes the climb to Panecillo quite difficult, I had to pay $ 5 to go up for this reason.


Finally, if you are visiting Quito during Christmas you will enjoy a giant and illuminated nativity scene that surrounds the Virgen de El Panecillo.

Things to see in Quito, Virgen del Panecillo


2) Things to see in Quito, Plaza Foch

It is one of the meeting places for tourists, travellers and the inhabitants of Quito. Where most of the venues are to party, such as nightclubs, pubs and restaurants.


Also in its adjacent streets you can find hostels, which is great if you want to discover the nights in Quito.

Traveler tip.

For this area, except for the main premises of the Foch square, on Sundays and Mondays almost the majority of businesses close for rest. It can be a little frustrating to find something open.


That day I was getting to know the city with a girl from South Korea who was determined to try "Encebollado", a typical dish from Ecuador. The option that we stayed was to go to a shopping center called "Quicentro"


Almost a place of worship since it is where most of the people that go out on a Sunday are concentrated, families, couples and groups of friends. Everyone usually meets on the second floor where you can find a large number and diversity of food dishes.


Although the truth is that it is usually full every day.

3) Things to see in Quito, Mercado de San Roque


In Quito there are many typical markets to buy fruits and vegetables mainly, I had the opportunity to get lost and experience the sensations that the market offered me in the company of "Yunhin"


The Korean girl who wanted to join me and spend the day discovering this place and the colonial part.


In previous days I realised that despite being quite white skin and my Spanish accent, the clothes, safety and normality with which he walked through the city, could go unnoticed and look like a Quito more.


Of course, if I did not open my mouth and unveiled my Spanish accent.


Are you wondering why I'm telling you all this?


Because I realised that hiding my foreign background was impossible traveling with a girl from South Korea. It was obvious that we were two tourists, which attracted a lot of attention.


On the other hand she told me that she felt more secure when visiting the city with me. She did not speak Spanish and she would not have gone crazy to the Mercado de San Roque alone.


And we were the only foreigners in the market, all were people from the area and local workers.


We did not want to eat anything prepared in the street stalls for our safety. My body still was not adapted to the organisms and microorganisms of the water here or to the meals of these street places.


I still had a delicate stomach. Have you heard about the Delhi Belly? Well that's what I had.


Accustomed little by little my stomach to make my body more resistant. Something I want to achieve, since I consider that my body is weaker in this sense after spending many years in Spain.


But here you can find everything:

"The Hornado"

It is a typical dish, medicinal waters, live chickens that you peel them at the moment. Another point in favour is that it is the cheapest market even other large supermarkets come to stock up on it.


We decided to eat fruit, take it to the place that seemed more colourful, invite her to choose fruits that I did not know or that I wanted to taste.

Fruits you've never tried

I wanted to try especially those that reminded me of childhood, some of them I did not even remember their name or taste despite recognising their shape.


At the end, the fruits chosen for our particular tasting were taxo, passion fruit, tunas, sweet cucumbers, suckers and pitihaya.


But the best of all was the experience of sharing that moment in which we ate the fruit with some girls who approached me, I was interested mainly in "Yunhui"


They asked me: Where did it come from? If it was Chinese? What did he eat in his country? Where was your country ?. The best thing for these cases is to take Google maps and show you where Ecuador is and how far south Korea was.


The most impressive thing was seeing their faces when they heard her speak in Korean and when they saw the symbols she used to write. They were totally different from the ones they were used to seeing in the Roman or Latin alphabet school.

Traveler tip.


Despite being a pretty dirty market you have its charm, but just in case you do not neglect your personal things for a moment, there is always some rogue who wants to take advantage of your misfortunes and the crowd.

4) Things to see in Quito, Eat an executive lunch


This place is one of the best and cheapest. Quality-price in the center of the city. I was surprised how busy it was at the critical hour of eating between 1 and 3 and how fast the waiters served your food, they went out every minute with 4 plates in hand.


For only $ 2.80 dollars at Casa Manabí, on Calle Juan León Mera you can experience a fully Ecuadorian atmosphere at lunchtime.


If you like the good, nice and cheap, this is your place do not forget to visit it. You will taste a traditional menu of the country, first, second with its juice and in the end a small dessert consistent.

Traveler tip.

For the price of the food and the fast service the truth that I left delighted and that's why I recommend it.


Proof of this was how full of workers I was, I think I was the only tourist.

5) Things to see in Quito, Church of the Company of Jesus and the Basilica of Quito.


Church the Company of Jesus

A visit almost mandatory, for its rich internal decoration. Completely covering the altars in gold paper. What makes the place more splendid and very bright.


The entrance fee is $ 5, which according to my point of view will not be an expense since rather entering will be a gift for your eyes. One of the things that I found most interesting was the symmetry they wanted to convey.


To the point of replicating the spiral staircase you have on the left to get that symmetry. The replica was made in paint, but you better look at some pictures you take, when you visit.


Another thing to note is its great facade carved in volcanic stone and its great baroque. What makes it one of the most important and admired in the Americas and in the world.


And as a curiosity comment that it has already been visited by two Popes. Pope John Paul II presided over a mass on January 30, 1985 and also visited by Pope Francis on July 7, 2015.

Basilica of Quito


Also known as the Basilica of San Juan for the sector where it is located. Due to its size and style, it is considered the largest neo-Gothic temple in America.


A curiosity that I would like to tell you is that it is inspired by the Parisian cathedral of Notre Dame.


Since the design is thanks to the French architect Emilio Tarlier. During some years for the completion of the basilica, the donations of his parishioners were directed to the purchase of materials and the hand of another.


This point reminded me of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, ​​where the same thing is done.


If you want you have the possibility to climb to the highest area of ​​their towers and move from one tower to another. Which I recommend you do, it's a unique experience.


I leave a picture that you take so you can see its greatness.

Traveler tip.


If you visit the company of Jesus. On Sunday from noon on, the entrance is free, in case you like to schedule your trip, keep it in mind.


If you want in the basilica you have the possibility to climb to the highest area of ​​its towers and move from one tower to another. Which I recommend you do, it's a unique experience.


For only about $ 2 dollars it is very worthwhile to enjoy its views and the photos you can take.


6) Things to see in Quito, the big square and the Carondelet Palace


Plaza de la Independencia or also known as Plaza Grande, is the main square of Quito. A place always full of people, movement and history.

In the center is the monument to independence of August 10, 1809, remembered as the First Scream of Spanish American Independence.


The Plaza Grande has a perimeter formed by. The Carondelet Palace, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Archbishop's Palace and also the Municipal Palace.


In the arcades of these buildings are the clean boots. An office that in Europe I would say is totally extinct.


The Carondelet Palace; Its importance is that it is the seat of government and official residence of the president of Ecuador.

Traveler tip.


Plaza Grande: It is the point of reference that is taken to determine the height to which the city of Quito is located. In this case 2818 meters above sea level.


Palacio de Carondelet: It is said that Simón Bolívar gave him that name, thanking Francisco Luis Héctor Barón de Carondelet. who ordered that they build a fault based mainly on columns.

7) Things to see in Quito, Parque de la Carolina.


This place for me is particularly special. It brings back many memories because it is the place where I spent playing in my childhood days.


And there I remember that I learned to do my first stunts with the bicycle. It has an area for skaters and people who want to risk doing some acrobatics.


It has tennis courts, athletics track, a lake with boats, numerous fountains. Above all it is a meeting place where friends and family spend the afternoon thanks to the number of street performers who make their number of humour or acrobat performance to earn a few dollars.

Traveler tip.


It can be a wonderful place to relax and unwind from the walk through the colonial part. Take a coconut ice cream "Coqueiro" or eat something traditional from street vendors.

Things to see in Quito, Grandeza del Parque la Carolina


I hope that if you visit Quito do not forget to visit all these places. Your trip will be unforgettable, remember that following the advice of other travellers most times saves you time and money.


If you have already been to Quito, leave me your comment and tell me what you think of my recommendations and what places you would recommend.


On the contrary if you have not been able to visit Quito then I hope you can do it soon and that my advice has been of great help.


If you also want to create a blog and start living from then do not miss this article to know where to start.

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